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What are Zenyum Invisible Braces?

Zenyum invisible braces are made to order using cutting-edge 3D printing technology to precisely match the shape of your teeth. In slightly over three months, you can start seeing visible results as the clear aligners gently apply pressure to straighten your teeth. The entire invisible aligner treatment can be monitored using the Zenyum App so that our expert dentists at Toothgood can track the progress and assist you throughout your journey towards a better smile!

Affordable Pricing

70% more cost-efficient than conventional teeth-straightening methods.

Ease of use

Requires least amount of effort to maintain. Can be worn or removed at your own convenience

Personalized treatment

Fully customized to treat your specific teeth condition. Tailor-made by our dentists.

Fewer visits to the Dentist

In-app treatment monitoring that can reduce the number of clinic visits to a minimum of 3-4 trips.

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How to get your Zenyum Invisible braces at ToothGood Dental?

The Zenyum Invisible braces treatment is available at Toothgood Dental branches located in Cheras and JadeHills Kajan. Simply complete the 5 minute assessment by clicking on the link below and Zenyum will get in touch with you to book your first appointment with us.


Click on ‘Start FREE Assessment’ to check your eligibility


Visit your nearest Toothgood dental clinic for a 3D scan


Zenyum builds you a fully customized treatment plan for approval


Get your clear aligners fitted at the nearest Toothgood dental clinic


Use the Zenyum app to track your treatment progress

Cost of Zenyum Invisible braces treatment

Zenyum offers ZenyumClear™ for mild cases, and ZenyumClear™ Plus for more complex cases. Toothgood dental partners with Zenyum to help you choose the right treatment based on your teeth conditions. Below is a detailed breakdown of Zenyum invisible braces price.

*Any charges or fees relating to services provided by Toothgood (including but not limited to dental appointments and scan fees) shall be solely borne by you and payable directly to Toothgood. Prices are captured on a biweekly basis and may be subject to change.


1. How long does the invisible braces treatment last?

While the teeth straightening treatment with conventional braces can last as long as 2 to 3 years, the same treatment using Zenyum’s invisible braces is much shorter. Zenyum’s invisible braces take only 3 to 9 months to treat mild teeth conditions and 9 to 15 months for more complex cases. Our expert dentists at ToothGood Dental will assess your teeth condition to help create the perfect dental treatment plan that suits you.

2. Do you need to attend appointments in person?

When going for any sort of braces treatment, only a dental care professional can assess your situation and give you the correct medical treatment plan. So if you come across a dental treatment plan that claims to have ‘Zero dentist appointments’, run in the opposite direction. No teeth straightening procedure can happen without the safe and expert supervision of a dentist. 

With that being said, the answer is Yes. You need to attend appointments in person.

However, Zenyum’s invisible braces treatment plan differs from all other conventional methods by reducing the total number of dental visits to a bare minimum. For instance, you do not have to visit the dentist to get an assessment of your teeth condition. Instead, you can perform a FREE online assessment of your teeth. Once your situation is assessed and approved for Zenyum Invisible braces, our expert dentists at ToothGood will perform X-ray and 3D scans to understand your bone structure, analyze them, and create a customized plan just for you!

3. What happens when I complete my treatment?

Once your Zenyum invisible braces treatment is over, you would be getting the picture perfect smile that you always hoped for. However, after any teeth straightening procedure, it is completely natural for your teeth to shift back to their original position. This is because your teeth and bone structure might need some time adjusting to this new change. 

Fortunately our dentists at ToothGood dental clinic are experts at analyzing the severity and condition of your situation. They will offer advice on the best post-treatment plan of action, like wearing retainers, to maintain that new-found confident smile of yours, for life. 

4. How do I clean my clear aligners?

Cleaning your Zenyum clear aligners is as easy as ABC. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your Zenyum invisible braces clean at all times:

  1. Use a separate toothbrush for cleaning your Zenyum Invisible braces.. 
  2. It is advised to use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  3. Brush the invisible aligners in gentle strokes to effectively remove food materials. 
  4. Always remember to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth before wearing the invisible braces.
  5. Rinse your transparent aligners everytime you remove them to prevent bacteria formation.

5. How long do I need to wait for my aligners?

Upon careful assessment of your teeth condition, our dentists at ToothGood dental clinic will provide you with your own customized teeth straightening plan using Zenyum invisible braces. 

Upon your approval, it will take only 4 to 5 weeks for you to get your first set of clear aligners. You can then visit your nearest ToothGood dental clinic for a fitting session with our dentists.

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