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//Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel (28ml)

Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel (28ml)

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Super Relief Dental Gel from Oxyfresh actually conditions, soothe and deodorize your gums. Specially made in USA.

Ideal For:

  1. Helps eliminate canker sores
  2. Speeds healing of oral cuts and scrapes
  3. Deodorises oral wounds
  4. Conditions irritated gums
  5. People with dry mouth.
  6. To reduce bad breath.
  7. Those undergoing Chemo & Radiotherapy patients
  8. After dental professional cleaning to soothe the gums.
  9. After extraction of your teeth to increase healing.
  10. After surgery procedures for better healing.
  11. For those to maintain healthy gums.
  12. For those who is wearing dentures.
  13. Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment(easily get ulcers).

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Soothing gum relief is on the way

Oxyfresh Dental Gel contains a therapeutic blend of ingredients including: Oxygene, aloe vera, chamomile, and essential oils to provide the most natural way to alleviate and soothe inflamed tissues, burns, oral wounds, ulcers and abrasions.

Super Relief Dental Gel from Oxyfresh actually conditions, soothe and deodorize your gums.


Powerful healing power with Zinc and Folic Acid

Oxyfresh Dental Gel Super Relief Formula delivers powerful healing power with Zinc and Folic Acid. Super Relief Gel is formulated with Oxyfresh’s patented odor-eliminating combination of zinc and Oxygene® to promote fresh breath by neutralizing the volatile sulfur compounds responsible for halitosis.
Super Relief Dental Gel can also be used to relieve minor discomfort associated with sunburn, insect bites, and minor cuts and scrapes, inside the mouth and on lips.


Secret ingredient to fight bad breath

Super Relief Dental Gel contains Oxygene®, our exclusive ingredient that safely and completely neutralizes odors at the source, eliminating bad breath and the harmful effect bacteria can have in your mouth.



Active Ingredient: Sodium Fluoride .22%
Deionized Water, Xylitol, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Sodium Chlorite (Oxygene® Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide), Zinc Acetate, Folic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Natural Flavor, Glycerin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Size: 28g(travel-size)



  1. Super is an understatement!! This product works wickedly fast!

on August 27, 2016
Best relief on the market!! I tried this through the recommendation of a friend. My orthodontist had no clue what it was. I was looking for something other than oral-gel to help with minor irritations caused by my invisalign trays rubbing against the inside of my mouth when I talked. I found this product to be an absolute godsend when it came to providing pain and irritation relief. It provides immediate soothing, and healing just overnight it seems. A super little goes along way as this can be expensive for some. My friends dentist gave it to her, so lucky her no money spent. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to her that she told me about it. I even called the company to ask why is wasn’t known by everyone and they said that they are just now hitting the consumer market as they have always sold to just dentists or orthodonists, those who knew about it at least. So hopefully this will be on the shelves soon so that it can really help everyone! If you’ve got the money now, BUY IT!! It’s flavorless, clear and will last a long time. I HIGHLY recommend it! 🙂

2. Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel

 on September 15, 2015
This is a great product. I’ve been using this gel for about 20 years. My periodontist recommended it for when I had gum surgery. It works on sensitive teeth, toothaches, sore gums, and any other irritation. I use it on my gums and partial before I put it in my mouth. It helps with any sore spots.

3. Immediate relief and very soothing.

My dentist gave me a sample to help soothe my gums, which are badly inflamed due to an old denture. I did not expect it to make much of a difference but it really does. I get ulcers that feel like I’m being cut with a razor blade and I was amazed at how quickly this eased the pain (and without a bad taste of that numb feeling that you get with some OTC gels). It is helping me stay comfortable before my gum surgery.



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