Flipper : Animal World Toothbrush Holder ( Lion)

RM17.00 RM14.00


  • Stores toothbrush hygienically
  • Opens & closes with One Touch


Flipper : Animal World Toothbrush Holder ( Lion)


The Flipper toothbrush holder easily attaches with its suction-cupped back to bath mirrors and tile, keeping toothbrushes covered and off the counter. Flipper keeps bristles straight and the toothbrush can safely air dry.


  • Flippers patented auto-close, hold & release action is hands-free for the ultimate in convenience and cleanliness.
  • Dentists recommend covered toothbrush holders to prevent germs and bacteria.
  • Flipper is available in 6 popular animal and dinosaur icon designs.
  • Flipper engages kids in brushing their teeth.
  • Flipper is fun at home and also great for travel!


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