///EVE Twist Polisher (Made in Germany)

EVE Twist Polisher (Made in Germany)


-One Shape – Multiple Possibilities

Polishing Composite(11mm in diameter)
• flexible adaptation to any tooth surface
• modellation of the tooth structure is maintained
• proven durability due to low wear


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Product Description

  • Diamond impregnated 2-stage polishing system
  • Best results, also on very hard composites
  • Applicable on all composites
  • Excellent durability

Packaging Details

1 box: Comes with 3 pcs of Pink-Pre polishing, and 3 pcs of Grey- High Shine Polishing.

 2 pcs: Comes with 1 pc of Pink-Pre polishing, and 1 pc of Grey- High Shine Polishing.


Documentation from Dr Neoh Leong Seng:



1. Do I entitle for free shipping in Malaysia? 
A: We only provide free shipping with the purchase above RM200. If not, we charge the shipping to Malaysia at a small fee.

2. Do we ship to worldwide?
Yes, do drop us a message. Our friendly staffs will reply you in 24 hours.

3. Is the product pre-order/ ready stock?

The product is pre-order basis only. It will reach to you in 10-14 days.


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