///Brush and Sculpt (Cosmedent)

Brush and Sculpt (Cosmedent)



  • Facilitates easy composite manipulation
  • Placing a small amount of Brush & Sculpt on your brush or instrument will help facilitate easy composite manipulation.
  • HEMA-free, means it will not discolored your composite like unfilled resins(eg bonding agent)
  • Comes with 1 gram syringe




Product Description

Have you ever been annoyed by composite sticking to everything but your cavity prep?
You wipe off so much that you realize the wasted resin could have filled another preparation? You might even resort to wetting the instrument with adhesive material/bonding agent to prevent the problem or opt for a “non-stick” hand instrument or carver to solve the problem. However, your bonding agent contains HEMA, which it will discoloured your composite.

What is Brush and Sculpt? It’s a light-cured, low-viscosity modeling resin. It’s approximately 36 percent filled. It’s fantastic for making your resins easy to manipulate at the final smoothing step during placement. It uses HEMA-free, means it will not discolored your composite like unfilled resins(eg bonding agent),



BRUSH & SCULPT consists of multi-functional acrylic resins and 0.04 micron silica filler, 36% by weight, 24% by volume.



  • Spear Education

I use Brush and Sculpt, a product by Cosmedent, to smooth my final layer of composite when I’m blending along a bevel, either in the anterior or with a Class V restoration. While I used to use some adhesive on my instrument to prevent composite pull-back, most adhesives contain HEMA, which will discolor your restorations

A class V composite after using Brush and Sculpt to blend the composite, after cord removal.

 I have my assistant put a small drop on the back side of her glove and rub my brush or dip my instrument in the small amount as needed. More is not better; just a touch is plenty.

    • Cosmedent


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A: We only provide free shipping with the purchase above RM200. If not, we charge the shipping to Malaysia at a small fee.

2. Do we ship to worldwide?
Yes, do drop us a message. Our friendly staffs will reply you in 24 hours.

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