//Etchant (Spident, from Korea)

Etchant (Spident, from Korea)



  • Spident Fine Etch contains 37% phosphoric acid and supplies semi-gel consistency for ideal applications.
  • Fine Etch effectively removes smear layers enhancing the bond between the tooth and restorative material.
  • Contains bio-compatible polymeric materials.
  • Completely residue-free after water spray.
  • Can be placed exactly wherever needed because of excellent viscosity.


Only sold to dental professionals.


37% phosphoric acid.



1. Do I entitle for free shipping in Malaysia? 
A: We only provide free shipping with the purchase above RM200. If not, we charge the shipping to Malaysia at a small fee.

2. Do we ship to worldwide?
Yes, do drop us a message. Our friendly staffs will reply you in 24 hours.


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