• Interdental brush that can clean the tiny gaps between teeth right down to the gum line.
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    Super Relief Dental Gel from Oxyfresh actually conditions, soothe and deodorize your gums. Specially made in USA. Ideal For:
    1. Helps eliminate canker sores
    2. Speeds healing of oral cuts and scrapes
    3. Deodorises oral wounds
    4. Conditions irritated gums
    5. People with dry mouth.
    6. To reduce bad breath.
    7. Those undergoing Chemo & Radiotherapy patients
    8. After dental professional cleaning to soothe the gums.
    9. After extraction of your teeth to increase healing.
    10. After surgery procedures for better healing.
    11. For those to maintain healthy gums.
    12. For those who is wearing dentures.
    13. Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment(easily get ulcers).