Imagine this scenario:

A middle age lady spends about 20 minutes in total with her oral hygiene routine, using a toothbrush, interdental brush, floss and even mouth rinse. Still, when she goes for her annual dental checkup, the oral hygiene is not satisfactory. Her dentist is not happy with the effort that she is putting based on the cleanliness of the oral cavity.(source from toothgood.com)

Woman brushing her teeth

What is going on?

As a consumer, some of the consumer dental products might be confusing. Also, you may have inquiries about those dental products, from toothbrush and floss to interdental brushes and mouth rinse. With the vast selection of consumer products out there? How does one decide?


These are the questions that might be going in your head when it comes to the daily products:

– What toothbrush size is most appropriate for me? Should I opt for the soft or hard bristles?

– Does everyone benefits from using mouth rinse and should I use one?

– I got floss recently but am unsure what is the best way to use it

– How do I clean my teeth effectively with my braces on?

– What is this new product ToothMoose that I keep hearing about? What is the mechanism behind this new innovative product?

– Do I need to change from my manual toothbrush to a electric or sonic toothbrush?


We believe that education is the key. Education does 2 things:

  1. Enable you to decide for yourself which product suits you best
  2. Using the correct method to achieve maximum effectiveness with the tools

Here we at ToothGood have dentists on board so that your questions are answered by the experts. It is crucial to understand the oral hygiene needs you have. Each’s needs is different, and knowing it gives you awareness to maximize the efficiency of your oral cleansing routine. Imagine having much cleaner teeth with half the time!

Products keep evolving, and we will be seeing new products coming in the near future. As a savvy consumer, out hope is your keep abreast of the dental tools out there. At the same time be cautious of some of the newer products that aren’t authorized and are not approved for their safety. Fake products are also entering the consumer market that will harm your oral cavity. Hence, it is important to be aware of what’s going on. We implore you to keep yourself informed for your health’s sake.

Black Market Dental Supplies

01-A-Dental-Video-Marketing-Guide-For-Attracting-Millennials-011-300x300The birth of the ToothGood Shop came about after many years of first hand patient / customer feedback on the difficulties experienced in purchasing recommended oral hygiene products by their dental professional. In todays transient population, not everyone lives close to their dentist and sourcing oral hygiene products can be a difficult task with many customers giving up after entering the 7th pharmacy. Our mission is for every Malaysia to have easy access to Oral Hygiene Products enabling optimum Oral Health. We aim to achieve this by stocking and supplying these ‘specialty’ Oral Hygiene Products for you to order from the comfort of your home. If there is a dental product you’re after and it’s not advertised on our website please contact us and we’ll source it for you. We only stock Oral Hygiene Products that are reputable to the dental profession and the best quality available at an affordable price. Our mission is to continuously research and source the best products available worldwide for our Malaysian customers.

As dentists, our vision is to see preventive dentistry made available to all citizens in Malaysia and beyond. Ask us any questions and we will do our best to answer all your queries.(source from toothgood.com)

ToothGood is aimed to help dental professionals throughout the world meet their patients’ needs.
We are highly passionate towards how we could help to provide quality and good service in dentistry.

(source from toothgood.com)


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