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In ToothGood Dental, we strive to provide you the best smile in town. We offer high quality treatments which are affordable, as well as being patient-centric and ethical. Toothgood Dental was founded by Dr Wong Chee Soon and Dr Koh Wen Thong.

Dr Wong Chee Soon

Dr Wong Chee Soon, BDS(UM)

Special interest: Implant dentistry and oral surgery

Dr Wong graduated in Bachelor of Dental Surgery from University Malaya, Malaysia. Dr Wong is one of our Dental Surgeons who are skilful in replacing missing teeth with Dental Implants and Minor Oral Surgery.
He is currently studying postgraduate in Master of Dental Science in Oral Surgery in University Malaya.

Dr Koh Wen Thong

Dr Koh Wen Thong, BDS(UM)

Special interest: Orthodontic & Aesthetic Dentistry.
Gentle hands with passion and compassion: Dr Koh is one of our Dental Surgeons with special interest in Dental Aesthetics and teeth straightening with Orthodontic Braces.
Graduated from University Malaya in Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Dr Koh also completed the residency in the Master Class of Beethoven’s Orthodontics. She is also currently studying postgraduate in Master of Dental Science in restorative dentistry in University Malaya.
Her mission is for everyone to eat, smile confidently and live happily. Face driven orthodontics is one which the Drs. consider changes to the entire facial structure as they create a treatment plan for their patients. If you’re looking for an experienced dentist who can deliver you a wide beautiful smile faster and with little to no discomfort, look no further than Toothgood Dental Clinic.