//Spirit lamp (stainless steel)

Spirit lamp (stainless steel)


All stainless steel spirit lamp. This lamp has a 100ml capacity and burns denatured alcohol, available at most hardware stores. This fuel produces a clean, smoke free flame. A great heat source laboratory, shop or school use calling for a compact, clean heat source.

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Width 50mm

Height 83mm

Capacity 100ml

Weight: 28g

1. Spirit lamp with lamp wick

2. Candle would burn wax into black, but spirit lamp wouldn’t.

3. We do not have spirit inside the spirit lamp, because we could not post things which can easily burn. (You could purchase spirit easily at the pharmacy/ hardware store)

4. More and bigger fire when wick is exposed more.

5. Wick is 5mm in diameter and length is 12cm.

6. Our stainless steel spirit lamp does not heat up the bottle, we have done experiment up to 3 hours. It is not hurting your hands if you hold it.

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With Wick